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If you need advice on what is the best format and style for your transcription work, or how to get the best from your audio recordings, focus groups, interviews, conferences, etc., then email us and request either a return email or telephone call and we will be happy to help.

Because of our wide-ranging experience in transcription we have lots of tips and tricks to provide when it comes to saving money on your transcription. Like most companies we have to charge extra, for example, for naming participants in multi-person audio such as focus groups. It can take two days to name participants in a one hour focus group, for which most companies like us add a 20p per audio minute charge. However, if you follow our tips and tricks for making it easy to name participants we are happy to offer a reduced rate on this or, in some circumstances, to even name participants free of charge.

No other company offers this kind of customer service.

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Cut your admin overheads - outsource your audio to the specialists.
Pay only for the work we do.

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Manchester Secretarial Transcription provides staff training in audio typing and transcription (including English and punctuation) for companies and organisations.
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