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There are various transcription formats and styles used in transcription.
If you are unsure which format or style you require you may find this page useful. Rates are charged per audio minute depending on the type of transcription style, size of project, number of speakers and level of complexity.

Strict word for word verbatim:

Strict word for word verbatim is usually requested, for example, for police and child protection and some legal interviews. All words and all expressions are transcribed, including hesitations, interruptions (e.g. leaves room, pauses, coughs), stammers etc. are included.

Word for word verbatim: All words are included, including hesitations if significant.

Soft verbatim: All words are transcribed but without hesitations and repetitions if not significant.

Intelligent verbatim: All that is significant is transcribed, but hesitations, repetitions which are not deemed significant are left out. It differs from soft verbatim in that some light editing may be required, for example interviewer´s questions, for uniformity and coherence. For example, an interviewer may ask a question and then decide to reword the question, hence the better worded question will be transcribed.  Interruptions by the interviewer may be left out, providing they do not significantly affect the interviewee´s replies.

Summary Transcription: What it says on the tin. Transcripts are summarised according to client´s requirements.

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