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Yes, we´re back!

Manchester Secretarial Transcription is back after a two year break

To celebrate and power our relanch, we are offering all customers, old and new, a special 20 percent discount  for orders over
240 audio minutes and a whopping 40 percent discount for orders over 600 minutes!

Claim one now or send to a colleague by quoting We´reBack240 or We´reBack600

Redeemable within one month from claiming

We were founded in early 2006 by a former Police Secretary who later became a Relate-trained counsellor & counselling trainer, hence the confidentiality of your work is our highest priority... next to quality, of course.

Our team of mature transcribers have wide-ranging experience of legal, medical and general transcription and of course decades of admin & secretarial experience

Because the quality of work demanded by Manchester Secretarial Transcription is so high, we took off very quickly and within months of our founding we never needed to advertise again.
We grew by recommendation.

Some companies make the same claim, yet their ads hit you in the face when you do an internet search

You won´t find adverts from us on the web

All our transcribers, no matter how experienced, are individually retrained
to the highest standards.

We have yet to work with a transcriber, however experienced, that we couldn´t improve to the highest level

Because our transcribers are so well trained, we do not need a team of proofreaders to correct transcription errors.
Rather we have one project manager who is able to proofread each & every transcript against its audio file, word for word, ensuring faithfulness to the audio,
consistency of style, spelling of terms throughout your project

This is in stark contrast to companies who do monthly or random "spot checks" on transcript quality.

All names and terms are researched by our transcribers for accuracy and then double-checked by our project manager

We have only once had a transcript returned for correction by a customer and this was due to an admin error. Contrast this with the claim of a large, well-known company that "97% of our transcripts are accepted"!

You will never have to trawl through hours of transcripts correcting errors.

Unlike many companies, all of our client testimonials give the name & organisation of the client, so that you can be assured that they are genuine. And whilst some companies will claim they provide anonymous testimonials to protect their clientele from the competition, the fact is, if you´re providing high quality at competitive rates, your customers will always come back to you.
 Do not trust companies that post anonymous testimonials.

Check their text and blogs as to whether they know how to use a comma and a full stop. There are terrifying experiences to be had out there. Don´t be a victim of poor quality transcription that takes hours & hours to correct.

Email us at

 If you require advice or help on your audio recording, email us for no obligation advice

We never hassle or spam enquirers




24/7 reliability, competitive rates, encrypted upload of files.

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Manchester Secretarial Transcription provides staff training in audio typing and transcription (including English and punctuation) for companies and organisations.
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