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"I was delighted with the service... I would recommend Manchester Secretarial Transcription to anyone engaged in serious academic research.
Dr. Richard Saundry
Reader in International Relations, University of Central Lancashire


Manchester Secretarial Transcription prides itself in offering the highest quality
in audio and video transcription
with the personal attention that only a small company can provide.

We were founded in early 2006 by a former Police Secretary/Relate-trained counsellor & counselling trainer, hence we take customer confidentiality very seriously.

Our transcribers have wide-ranging experience of legal, medical and general transcription.

Because the quality of work demanded by our founder is so high, Manchester Secretarial Transcription took off very quickly and within months no longer needed to advertise.
We grew by recommendation.

All our transcribers, no matter how experienced, are individually trained
to the high standards we require.

Because our transcribers are thus trained, we do not need a team of proofreaders.
Rather we have one project manager who is able to proofread each & every transcript against its audio file, ensuring faithfulness to the audio,
and to ensure consistency of style & spelling of terms throughout your project
however large or small.

This is in stark contrast to large companies with different proofreaders for every transcript, & small companies who do monthly or random "spot checks" on transcript quality.

All names and terms are researched by our transcribers for correct spelling.

We have never been required to correct a transcript.

Unlike most companies, all of our client testimonials provide the name & organisation of the client, so that you can be assured that they are genuine. And whilst some companies will claim they provide anonymous testimonials to protect their clientele from the competition, the fact is, because we provide the highest quality at competitive rates, we are confident our customers will always come back to us..

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Cut your admin overheads - outsource your audio to the specialists.
Pay only for the work we do.

24/7 reliability, competitive rates, encrypted upload of files.

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Manchester Secretarial Transcription provides staff training in audio typing and transcription (including English and punctuation) for companies and organisations.
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